Thursday, May 5, 2011

I'm sick;

As the heading states, I'm sick.
On and off fever, terrible headache and just feeling bleeeerh.
I hate missing school, as lame as that sounds.
I've also been eating SO MUCH FOOD! Seriously, I don't think I've ever eaten so much.
The thing is though, my bodies craving food so that it can get better, and I've been letting myself eat all kinds of things in hope that I'll get better really soon.
The good thing is, I don't think I've put on that much weight since being sick because I was already fat to begin with thanks to the holidays.
My body's been craving crazy things, like yesterday I had low fat ice cream with a crumbled weight watcher brownie.
I dont even like either of those things.
Oh well... I guess once I'm over whatever this is I can finally concentrate on getting THINNER.

Oh! Guess what! Ok... during the holidays I accidentally drunkenly told two of my guy friends about my eating disorder... and since then they told my school counsellor who then rang my parents and told them. Then when they asked me about it I was like "phhhhh, no way man".
And they were fine with that. Am I really that fat now that it's 'not possible' for me to have an eating disorder?
If I was at my lowest weight right now they'd be all "PUT ON WEIGHT GIRL AND GET HELP".
Anyway, sorry this blog is a bit... weird and out of character haha. That's just what happens when I'm sick.
I'm finding it a bit hard to catch up on all your blogs and I'm really sorry about that.
Once I get my own laptop (which shouldn't be too far away) it'll be so much easier :)

Thank you all so so much for your comments, I appreciate it so so so so much. When I read your comments I get the biggest smile on my face. I look quite ridiculous haha. Girls, I hope that you guys feel like you can ask me all kinds of questions whenever you want. I love answering them and helping people if I can.
Bonnie Blue O', to answer your question, I haven't had my period since early October/late September last year. You haven't had yours for two years?!? Wow... i know I'm not one to talk, but that's not good. I really think you should go see a doctor about it. Not having a period for so long can have bad affects sometimes. A doctor can fix it, I advise that you go see your doctor ASAP my love.