Thursday, June 13, 2013


Hello guys, I know that it's been a long long long time, a terribly long time and for that I am truly sorry.
It's just, life changes, you know? It can be hard to keep up.
Since being here last I have finished High School exams, stopped seeing the guy I was seeing because he cheated on me, have cut the poisonous friends out of my life, started a new job, have planned a trip overseas and am in my first year of uni and I am happy.
So so happy.
It is odd to think that a whole life shake up can change things.
I have also become vegan which has also helped me become one with my eating, I eat what I want when I want it and it is not often that my body craves sweets, instead craving things that fuel it. This has helped my minds transition.
I will never be full free of my anorexia, I know that as I always think about food and think about calories at the subconscious of my mind... but at the same time, I'm not worried about food.
I don't write everything down that I've eaten, I don't get anxious and stress and worry about what I eat and I no longer count calories.
There are of course days where I miss my anorexia fueled life but I have become so much happier with who I am as a person.
This past is still a secret though... I haven't told my parents or family with fear of how they react but I have  opened up to a few friends.
One day I want to become a bit more public about my eating disorder and try and help those who are suffocated by it but for that I am not ready yet, I am doing things at my own pace. My eating disorder is still at times difficult to face and I know that to fully recover I need to face it head on instead of ignoring it and pushing it to the side like I do but the thought of doing that intimidates me. One day I will be strong enough to do that, I promise.
My goal is to one day is become famous in the career that I choose and use that to make people more aware of eating disorders and the best way to respond to them, as I am still disgusted how they are handled in this day and age.
I also wish I could tell you all how I have managed to get to where I am now but to be honest I am not too sure how... I guess I could say I'm 'lucky' that my mind seemed to fight the disorder without my consent, which angered me to no end at first but now I don't really know how I feel about that. I also surrounded myself with loving and caring people, which definitely helps.
If you are wanting to recover, remove yourself from any and every toxic situations that you are in.
I just want to let you guys know that everything will be ok. I know that sounds so cheesy and filled with false hope but it will and you have to believe it will. There is an amazing world out there waiting for you to grab it with both hands and do with it what you want.
You are an amazing person.
You deserve to get better.
You deserve to look after yourself.
You deserve to eat.
You deserve to eat and keep it down.
I love you.
I also have to say that no matter what people who don't understand this world may think, this blog has been an amazing source of help for me. There were some people here that did fuel my eating disorder on, I hate to say (ok I have one person in mind but they don't use blogger anymore) but the rest of you have been amazing and so supportive. You made this disease feel less isolating and helped me know that I am not the only one out there thinking and feeling the same things.
I am going to keep this blog up and look in ever so often to see how people are going but I have created another blog now that is not related to this one at all, where I can focus on being a healthier me. I do have to say though that it is still much easier to write here as I can be as honest and truthful about my feelings as I want.
So, finally, to clarify, I have never been in recovery or gone to hospital, I am still doing this all my self but I am definitely a stronger person now and instead of being passionate, driven and determined in regards to my eating disorder I have used that passion to help excel in life and to follow my dreams.
I love you all so so so so much.
Lots of love,

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

It's a Cycle

Thank you so much hazedetermined girlThe Secret MeAnna and B. for your beautiful comments, it's so reassuring to know that I will always be welcomed back with open arms, that I have a place where I know that every part of me is accepted. I love you all.

It's odd how this 'eating thing' starts and grows... To this day it's impossible to explain that jump from 'life not going well' to 'lose weight to no end, that'll fix it' but I'm sure you guys will understand. It's odd the way it tears away from you and then pulls you back in... at least that's what it has done to me. There are theories, sure -- I'm insecure, my life is unstable -- but people are still left standing asking 'why?'

It's a fair question. Why? Why would a well-off, passably pretty, passably talented girl dream and dream of destroying herself in the way that I do? After all, I don't have 'problems'. I'm not disabled, or terminally ill, or physically bullied, or sexually abused, or starving to death in Africa. I'm 'starving' myself in Australia.

I don't know... I enjoy the calorie counting... it calms me. I plan my days eating in the morning or even a day before but of course there are days when a spanner is chucked in the works. Today for example, I planned on eating around 500 calories and burning roughly the same amount but no, I get home and mum had bought me two rolls of sushi and a mini cake... so of course I eat that and my days intake has jumped up to 900... the gym is soon though so I'm alright for now... I can feel the fat hanging off my bones. I just feel oily and, well, fat. I can't wait to work it all off. I can't handle this feeling right now.

I've stopped seeing my psychiatrist which I'm happy about. She was lovely but I couldn't continue seeing her when I knew I wasn't being 100% honest. I thought I was ready for recovery when I went... but I'm not. Which makes me happy...

Things are all about to change... I graduate in a week and a half, followed by a month of exams and then high school is over for me forever. It's incredibly daunting even though I know I should be excited. I also have to go to the beach next week which I'm incredibly anxious about. I'm not ready. My body is not ready. No one wants to see this.

I have a party this Friday that I'm looking forward to, I'm planning on keeping my calories low but my alcohol intake high and I'm going to dance dance dance (burn burn burn). Ha. That sounds a bit messed up. Oh, there's also a guy in my life at the moment. We're not officially going out but... who knows. I guess I'll elaborate more on that later.

I'm sorry if my thoughts are ramshackled and all over the place.
Again, I love you all to bits.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sorry seems to be the main word in my vocabulary...

I'm back.
I previously sort of recovered by myself unintentionally and I waited for ana to take me back.
I've relapsed and now back with my lovely companion.
I've missed her and you guys.
There's so much to catch up on!
I hope you guys don't mind having me back.
It's going to take me some time to get back into the swing of things on here, I hope I don't dissapoint.

Today's Intake:

I know this may sound bitter and twisted but I'm so glad that I'm back!!!!
Lots and lots and lots and lots of undying love,

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Gorgeous Lovelies

This message can only be brief as I am watched like a hawk as I am currently lying in a hospital bed.
My last post to you guys was meant to be my suicide note to you guys, I was drunk at the time so sorry for how bad it was.
Since that message I have attempted suicide a couple of times.
I am the absolute fattest I have ever been and don't know how to get back to being skinny.
I think about you all every day.
I don't know what I'm doing anymore.
I do know this though, I love you all and you guys don't deserve a life like mine.
Please look after yourselves and please please please look after your physical health but even more importantly your mental health.
Hopefully I can fill you guys in soon.

Lots and lots of love

Sunday, February 19, 2012


As hard as it is for me to say and as hard as it is for me to accept I have to say it, I have accepted it.
I don't deserve it.
I don't deserve forgiveness either.
I don't know when to end it but it has to be soon.
I don't want to be a weight on your shoulder anymore Afro but it has to be done.
I love you with all my heart, honestly I do.
This is a farwell message that is so hard to do cos I dunno what to say.
I just love you all

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Complications, complications.

Thank you Thin ThrillsChristinacarouselxXzapxfireXxstillimaginingS.Sienna-Rose and haze, thank you so so so so so so so so so much for your comments last post, I would say that you can't understand how much they helped, affected and touched me but then I remembered that if anyone knew how I was feeling most of the time it would be you guys.
I was really unsure how you would all react to me saying I needed professional help; to me it felt like I was chucking my ED away and in your faces, I felt like I wasn't being strong and wasn't just dealing with it without professional help like so many of you do.

Afro ensured that I spoke to the school counsellor on Monday. In the morning I asked him to force me to go to her during lunch because other wise I knew I'd chicken out. There has been many a time when I'd promised myself I'd talk to her but never did. Afro literally walked me to the office, sat with me as I waited and then waited till I was sitting in her office before leaving. Then when I debriefed with him in the afternoon he said that he was proud of me. He also asked me to start filling him in once I start seeing the therapist outside of school. He also said that if the school counsellor doesn't get back to me with the therapists number that he'll take me back to see her next Monday to get it off her.
No words can explain how much I love him. He is the best friend any body could have and honestly, I love him with all my heart. We actually plan on moving to England together in a couple years time.

Anyway, I didn't really want to talk to the school counsellor, even though she's lovely she has let me down before when I needed help most. When my ED first started (without me initially realising) I thought that something was wrong so went to see her. I saw her for a while and then she just stopped scheduling appointments with me. My ED got worse and worse and worse and yet she still didn't make an appointment to see me. I thought it meant that I wasn't important enough or what I was going through wasn't serous enough which made me strive even further to... test and, well, I guess, destroy myself.
When I spoke to her Monday she said that she thought I would come to her when I was ready and she said that because she knows I'm a private person she thought I wouldn't open up to her and that she just wasn't sure whether to schedule appointments with me. Fair enough I guess. She did say that she had noticed when I'd lost tons of weight and so had other teachers. I asked her to try and find a counsellor in the area who specialises in EDs and who could see me for free. It's my last year of school so I don't want to be taking time out of lunch or classes to see the school counsellor and I would rather see someone who I didn't know as anything else (our school counsellor choreographs the school musicals, which i've been actively involved in and she also got me to apply for an acting program last year). my school counsellor also said that once she gives me the number I'll have to make a self refferal because she said that if she did it she'd feel obliged to tell my parents, which I don't want to happen. I like keeping things to myself. I like helping myself. I like being independent. I don't need help from others. I don't want help from others. Ha, yet I plan on getting counselling.
I don't know what I want to achieve from 'counselling' or whatever... I don't really want her to change my eating patterns, I just want her to change the hate that I have for myself sometimes and my... well, to me it sometimes feels like bi-polar behaviour, which i know it isn't. That's just my drama queen coming out.

Lately, I've been feeling like my ED has kind of... left me. Yes, I still restrict and yes I still have all the mental thoughts of an ED but I don't have the physical traits and I am definitely not restricting or exercising as much as I used to, I don't have the drive. As ridiculous as that sounds, it upsets me. It really does and I don't really know why... I want it back completely but it just doesn't seem to want me.

Now, on to different news. Dali. I like him still, I do but I am not the relationship type. I hate them, seriously I do. I don't know why that is either... I have an amazing relationship with my dad and my parents have a good relationship yet I hate intimacy and opening up to people... I'm just fucked up haha. So, today I tried to break up with Dali. I tried. I told him that I still like him but I don't want to go out with anyone and want to focus on my studies and whatnot. I tried to explain to him that he was the relationship type and that I'm not. I told him that he wants more from the relationship than I do but he just didn't seem to get it. He didn't understand. He asked if I just wanted to be' intimate friends'... what does that even mean?? *Sigh*, he said he'd give me space so that I can think about it more and that I need to keep him posted. Man he looked upset. Why is it that boys always like me more than I like them and want more from a relationship than I do? Why is it that every party I go to I have some guy flirting with me? Why is it that every time I talk to a guy that isn't one of my close friends they think they have a chance with me? Haven't any of them heard of being friends?
So.... rant over... but, what do you guys think? Should I break it off with Dali? I am so confused...
Sorry for the extra long post, I wasn't meaning to type so much but really needed to get it off of my chest.
I love you all to bits.

ps. S. That sounds like a marvelous idea.