About Anafly

Welcome to my blog. I wish to keep my identity a secret so will live under the name 'Anafly'.

I have EDNOS/Anorexia, I'm self diagnosed, but then I fell off the wagon.
Before my failure I had managed to get to 46 kilos which made my BMI around 15 or so.
I have now gained tons of weight and I'm just a terribly fat mess.
I am actually so fat and disgusting, I can't even explain it.
This is my second year on here but just recently I disappeared for four months.

I'm back and I'm staying.
My goal now is to get back to those 46 kilos. And beat it.
I want to be your support, I want to write my blog to help you guys as well as myself.  I want to develop a community and make friends with those like me. We all need to help each other.
Love you all.