Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am So Grateful.

Kissa and Bella. Thank you. Thank you so so much. This means a lot.
This is the first reward I've recieved and I am so over the moon.
To think that so many of you (82 to be precise) are following me, listening, commenting and even giving me awards is so mind blowing.
To think that I got this award from both of you too! Wow!
You are both so amazing, gorgeous, kind, caring, friendly, lovely, beautiful and mind blowing.
You should all check them both out.

So, there are conditions upon which you recieve his award.
1. You need to thank the person who gave it to you (check)
2. List seven things about yourself
3. Pass on to ten people you think deserve this award
4. Drop by and let them know you appreciate them

So, here we go...
I love to bake, I really really do. For some reason it brings me such happiness.
People say that I'm the kindest person they know, friends think I deserve so much respect because I'm so nice and caring. I disagree. I don't think I am. I don't know why.
I love to travel. It's one of my passions. Even though I've done a lot of travelling in my life already I can't wait until I can travel all over the world.
I'm learning Japanese and I love it. I wish that I could speak fluently.
I love art and I always have. I guess you could say it's my talent.
I want to be a fashion stylist/fashion journalist/theatre actor/artist when I'm older.
I miss my family in England and Brussels oh so much (I don't really have family in Australia) I wish I could see them all the time. The fact that I can't makes me sad.

Now the tricky part, passing it on to ten people...
Ruby LoveBird; the girl who was with me from the start.
You mean ever so much to me. I love you.
BellaAna; you make me laugh. You fill me with joy.
Glitch, you make me feel loved and missed. You have such an amazing spirit.
Hannah; you are so lovely. I always love reading your posts.
Let's do this.; you always manage to leave me long, in-depth and heart warming comments at the right moments.
Campaign for slim; I find that I can relate to you so much. You personality really come through.
Thinner is the Winner; your blog is beautiful, your comments are beautiful, you are beautiful.
deer&wolves, your blog is amazing, much like you. Your words are magic.
Addicted to Thin; I hope that this award makes your day even greater you sweet thing.
annamaria, you have one of those blogs that I just love visiting again and again.

All you girls deserve this award. You have all touched my heart in many ways.
I love you.
There were also so many of you that I didn't give the award to that I wanted to (I only gave it to people that hadn't recieved it before) and it was so hard to limit it down.

Everyone please smile today because the world is beautiful.
Love Anafly

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am just so frustrated.
If you met me you'd know I'm not the type of person who gets frustrated easily.
My parents are getting so much worse about my eating.
They constantly pick at me, the food I eat and how much I eat every day.
It's quite hurtful.
They won't leave me alone.
I just want peace and quiet.
Our arguments are becoming more constant.
I don't want to eat more.
Can't they just leave me alone instead of picking at me?
What the hell do they expect me to say?
Why do they have to ask me questions that we all know only have one answer? They're answer. The 'right' answer.
I've been threatened with "No more Zumba until you put on weight."
"No more ab-circle pro."
They seriously expect me to put on weight in a day.
They treat me like I'm an idiot: "Anorexia isn't glamorous you know."
No? Really? I think I'd know
"You could end up in hospital."
Everything's quite shitty at the moment.
I'm sorry for the negative post, I'll try to be more positive next time.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Quick Quick

I don't have much time to do this I'm sorry.
Last week my blood test results came in.
I don't have enough white blood cells, they're low because my doctor says I'm not eating enough.
Well duh.
My parents have tried to make me eat lots and lots and lots which has been annoying me to no end. There have been a couple of days where they've tried to make me eat two breakfasts (as opposed to my 15 calorie breakfast they don't know about) and sometimes two dinners or a massive afternoon tea and then dinner.
I've managed to avoid it most nights.
Tonight I had a 88 calorie special K bar and a small goats cheese, egg and rocket wrap which all was fine (I had burnt 100 calories before the meal) but then my dad tried to force me to eat another one. I had around 1/3 of it then chucked it out the window.
I just want to be 44 kilos.

I love, love LOVE you all,

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


so so so so beautiful, so fragile, so gorgeous.
I love it.

Anonymous: You are a twig

Anafly: Is that meant to be an insult, a compliment or perhaps just a statement?
either way I'm taking it as a compliment, so thankyooooooooooooooooou :)
btw is this R?

Anonymous: no it's not 'R' just an observation go eat some meat hun cos if you don't your gunna die of anorexia...

Anafly: I'm sorry but I'm vegetarian so no, I won't go 'eat some meat'. Obviously you're not a close friend because this is actually quie harsh. If you really cared about me, which I don't think you do AT ALL, you would at least have the dignity and respect to talk to me in person or on fb and not on anonymous.
And don't call me hun, I'm not your 'hun'.
Seriously, who are you? and what makes you think you have the right to talk to me like that?

R: Look guiseeeeeeeeeeeeee, Anafly eats like a fat person. Seriously, if you saw her wolf down that pizza on Sunday, phwoaaaaaaaar you're wrong (Don't worry, it was still attractive, not gross) Just because she's thin doesn't mean she's anorexic. I love you Anafly.

I have so many mixed reactions about this.
First off I'm so happy that someone has noticed something, even if they are anonymous.
Secondly, I'm glad that my close friend R hasn't noticed anything (mainly thanks to the fact that I try and eat lots around her, but I got offended by the 'eats like a fat person' part) but I'm also annoyed with her.
I mean, if someone I barely know notices something, why can't she?
My mum told me that a couple of my friends' mums' are worried about me and my weight at the moment but how come my friends haven't seemed to notice?
Or heck, even care?

Anyway, I'm actually in a fairly good mood today even though I'm sick, which this post doesn't really show haha.
Love Anafly

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

You Are Lovely

Helloooooooo again :)
First off I want to give a big fat (no pun intended) welcome to my fabulous new followers!I know I say this everytime I say hello to all new followers but I seriously can't believe that so many people are following me!!
To have 73 followers?
I never thought that was possible!
So thank you so so much for listening to what this crazy girl has to say.

Hannah; well what they've done so far to 'control my eating' is that they make my lunch, quiz me on what I had for an afternoon snack and they quiz me on my breakfast.
Luckily for me it actually isn't working... not that they know.
No, being hospitalised would not be fun, but I don't think that'll ever happen *knocks wood*
determined girl; your comments always leave me with the biggest smile on my face. I look quite ridiculous as I sit goofily at the computer screen with a little grin but thank you.
It is so sweet of you to say that I'm you're hero, that warms my heart!
I really am so sorry but I don't think I can promise that 44kg will be my ultimate goal.
I'm pretty sure if will be though because I don't think I can even get there in the first place, but it does sound like such a beautiful number.
Your support is oh so loved.
Glitch; hahaha my oh my oh my I missed you too!
Even though I hated being gone I'm glad I was missed haha.
I don't plan on ever leaving, I'm really going to try and be a better blogger.
Also thank you guys for accepting my marriage proposal, here is your ring

hehehe man I'm lame.

Anyway, I want to fix up my blog a bit but I'm having some difficulties and hope that you might be able to offer some assistance?

How can I get my heading "The Anafly" in the centre? I remember doing it a while ago but have forgotten :S

I also want to add a pretty header from shabby blogs but I don't know how... help!! haha.

Since my uber binge on Sunday I've managed to make up for it this week which is excellent. Both Monday and Tuesday were negative calorie days and I'm also hoping the same for Thursday.

Finally, here is some gorgeous thinspo for you lovely lovely butterflies.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Creep Out From the Darkness

First off: I am sorry.
I'm sorry I was gone so long but you see, I've been knee deep in school work and have been trying to make my way through it all.
This is also the first time that I've had proper access to the computer without having to do an assignment or without pesky family around.
I have missed you all so so so much and have felt terrible about the fact that I haven't been able to comment on your blogs.
I have a few things to fill you in on but I have to be quick, I'm sorry, but I have extension English homework due that I've barely started.
  1. I have reached 46 kilos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm still far too fat fat fat
  3. I got my blood taken the other day for the first time, I had to get weighed and measured
  4. My doctor told me to put on weight, this resulted in a massive fight with my mum
  5. My parents are trying to control my eating a bit more but it's been a massive failure
  6. I binged WAY TOO MUCH the other day but am back in routine
  7. My 'best friend' and I are on rocky grounds at the moment

aaaand... hmm.... anything else? oh yeah, I just want to be skinny.

I almost cracked the other day and gave it all up, but don't worry, I stuck with it. I can't give this up.

AJ, R, Louise, determined girl, Acka11, Iris, Mia, Pariis, Bella, a not so little mermaid, NightFlower, Lorna and Kissa you guys are all so so so so so amazing! It seriously blows my mind. Thank you for all your beautiful comments. I'm not the gorgeous one, you all are. My love goes out to you all because you all mean so much to me. Reading all your comments made me so happy and made me feel so loved. You're all amazing. There aren't enough words in the english language to express my love to you all. You're all stunning, intelligent, kind, caring, funny; GAAAAH you're all just so fabulous. Marry me?

I'm glad you enjoyed the story haha. I guess I just have the gift of the gab and managed to worm my way out of suspicion. Also, that's not my natural hair colour, as some of you asked.

I'm going to try so so hard to catch up on all of your blogs and comment.

Sending lots of kisses your way,