Monday, May 7, 2012

Hello Gorgeous Lovelies

This message can only be brief as I am watched like a hawk as I am currently lying in a hospital bed.
My last post to you guys was meant to be my suicide note to you guys, I was drunk at the time so sorry for how bad it was.
Since that message I have attempted suicide a couple of times.
I am the absolute fattest I have ever been and don't know how to get back to being skinny.
I think about you all every day.
I don't know what I'm doing anymore.
I do know this though, I love you all and you guys don't deserve a life like mine.
Please look after yourselves and please please please look after your physical health but even more importantly your mental health.
Hopefully I can fill you guys in soon.

Lots and lots of love


  1. Concentrate on getting out of hospital, even if you have to lie a bit to the doctors, then you can think about losing the weight again :) Just please get better soon <3

  2. I'm so glad you updated!
    honey you are such a sweet girl, please take care of yourself in the hospital. you need extra care now and please offer that to yourself :)

    *big kiss*

  3. I had feared the worst. I'm so happy that you're okay. I missed you so much. Stay safe and take care of yourself.


  4. I was so worried for you. I am glad you are okay to a certain extent but you need to get better. Like everyone said you need to get out of the hospital and get better mentally before focusing on losing more weight. Now it will be harder because everyone will always watch you.
    Best of luck and my hopes and prayers and please try to update as soon as possible.

  5. Hugs*

    Please darling, just hang in there. I'm sorry I haven't been much of a help to you but I really really want you to know how much i love you. Don't hurt yourself. You don't deserve it. You deserve happiness. I'm hoping, I'm praying, always praying for you.

  6. Oh thank god! I've been waiting to hear from you for so, so long!
    I'm glad you're okay, hang in there gorgeous you have so much love and so many people who care about you.
    Please take care lovely <3

    Si xx

  7. sweetheart, it breaks my heart to hear your like this. Please keep in touch with me.
    I've missed you.
    I adore you infinately,

  8. OMG my heart just broke!
    My love! I have followed you since I started blogging
    But I have been away for a while, lost really!
    Now I am back
    Back and reading this
    Please Email me!
    I can't have anyone as beautiful as you leaving this world before your time

  9. I'm a new follower, and, though I don't know you as personally as these lovely girls do, I'm glad that you didn't hurt yourself, and that you're still here. I'm glad that I still have the opportunity to read your lovely words. And although we all fall down at times, we have the ability to find the strength to stand back up, wisened from our mistakes.
    I sincerely look forward to another post from you, my dear.


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