Friday, September 17, 2010


Hi guys and welcome to my first ever blog. My 'About Me' section pretty much explains what this blog will be about, I will try and blog as often as I can. I will write things that I do and emotions I feel that hopefully you guys will be able to relate to. Please feel free to follow me; you don't have to have Anorexia to follow, in fact you don't have to have an eating disorder at all, if you are simply just curious to see what it is like then please follow. I must stress now that I am not at all condoning Anorexia, I also don't believe that I have fully developed it yet either, this is how my/our brains have developed, no one really chooses this. So don't be all like 'oooh tips on how to be anorexic!' Because I know that I take this seriously. Anyway, please comment if you feel the need, I want us to build a little community so we can talk about our eating and help each other out.

Love you all,

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