Sunday, September 19, 2010

Success is a beautiful word

So far I have managed it. After last nights binge today I have managed to control myself again. I've been sick lately so I slept in to 1 which meant I could go straight to eating lunch. So far today I have only consumed a snack pack of corn chips; they only have 3 ingredients and around 130 calories and they fill you up which is good. So thats all I've eaten so far and I'm planning on having sushi for dinner, which are incredibly low in calories. I'm vegetarian but occasionally eat fish because of my mothers orders. I plan on eating cooked tuna sushi rolls tonight which are like 23 calories each :D

Oh, I also had a cup of earl grey tea which has (drum roll please) no calories whatsoever! Now I want to part some wisdom on the wonders of tea. Most teas have no calories (I found out yesterday that twinings chai tea, which I adore, actually has 4 calories when I thought it had none. That made me a tad upset) anyway, as I was saying most teas have no calories which is so good because I find when I drink tea it fills me up quite a lot which saves me from snacking. It also tastes delish and makes me go to the toilet. I know that sounds gross but that means I'm flushing out all the things that my body doesn't need. That's all I have to say for the moment, I need to go study.

Love you all,

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