Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ok so my plan for the other night didn't totally work out... my parents ended up deciding we were having burgers and chips for dinner, which I was so upset about but because I didn't want to create a stir I had to eat it... I then ended up binging on chips :( but I still managed to stay under the days 800 calorie limit which I'm super happy about.
Then yesterday we had sushi for dinner which I'm very very happy about (I love my sushi) but I got my facts wrong. A cooked tuna sushi roll doesnt have 23 calories, it has roughly just over 100 but I love sushi soooo much and I ate 3 of them, which still kept my calorie intake under 800.
I'll list todays food intake for yall :(
breakfast: very small bowl of special K with 2 chopped up strawberries

calories= 83

lunch: half of a snack pack of corn chips

calories= 76

dinner: 3 vegetarian old el paso burittos

calories= 390

total intake: 549

But I have zumba tonight :)
anyway lovelies, this was a rushed job, I got to go now, love you all



  1. i like your blog so far,
    check out mine
    keep posting.

  2. thank you so much :) I've read yours, you are so incredibly inspiring xxx


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