Tuesday, February 8, 2011

200 calories

just so beautiful
I'm sorry but I haven't had a lot of energy lately to post, which is horrible.
As the school year just started and the HSC is coming up next year we've been tossed lots of homework and assignments to keep us busy. I'm also doing extension english on Monday afternoons so I've been quite exhausted.
But I'm loving it.
I'm doing all the subjects that I want to do and all of my subjects are so great.
It's quite fantastic.

Anyway, I thought that I really should post because there are a few things I want to say.

Thank you so much all of my followers! With out you guys I wouldn't have ever been able to reach 60 followers! When I saw that my jaw dropped. I still can't believe it. I love you all.

Thank you all for your comments on my last post, I'm glad that there are people who can understand and relate. Your comments support me so much and lift up my mood. I especially need to give a shout out to determined girl, Ruby LoveBird, Kissa, Bella and NightFlower to name just a few of you. These girls always manage to put a smile on my face and they try to comment on my posts as often as they can. Thank you.

BellaAna: To respond to your comment on the "Lies Lies Lies" post, I'm in Australia.
I like the idea of you adopting me hahaha

a not so little mermaid: Thank you for your gorgeous gorgeous comments. I didn't mention you above because I knew I was mentioning you here. This is in response to your comment on the "Lies Lies Lies" post as well.
To be honest, I'm not that worried about my peroid being so late and I don't really know why. I guess I see it as something that I don't have to deal with.
A burden I don't have to face.
But then I am a tinsy bit concerned about the possibility of not having kids one day.
I sometimes eat my breakfast in front of family but we're all busy getting ourselves ready in the morning. They do hear me make it though and I sometimes leave stuff hanging around.

I was thinking the other day whether I should post a picture of myself up here or not... I don't know though... it's a bit risky...

Love Anafly

What 200 calories looks like (sorry about the picture quality)


  1. i try to make food in front of my family around meal times
    but since we have never eaten together in the past is isnt too hard for me to make an excuse, go to my room and flush it :)

  2. <3 i'm glad you like the subjects your working on, that always helps get the work done :)
    And thanks for the shoutout, your comments and posts always make me smile too.

    I really like those pictures, lotlotslots.

    & I agree. I'm terrified to post a picture of myself.

  3. <3 I love that you're excited about your subjects- you'll love English Extension. I did extension 2 as well in year 12, and I absolutely loved having three english classes. I didn't realise you were in Australia! I'm in NSW :)
    And I'm sure you'll be okay posting a photo- you can always take it down once you post again :)
    Keep well darling. Always, always, always here for you.

  4. I'm excited about my subjects too! Where abouts do you go to school? I am so in love with school but do you ever get that feeling like everyone else has an advantage because they don't suffer from thinking about food all the time and not being able to concentrate? I mean you still get through homework and everything but i always feel i could give so much more,..
    anyway i love your posting, i'm not posting as much either since year 11 and a hell of alot of work began.
    xx Claude

  5. Ohmygosh you are from Australia. Ohmygosh you are in NSW.
    Do you have me email address? Email me!

  6. Those 200 calorie and metabolism pictures are great!
    I hope you're doing really well and you have the energy to keep posting. (:

  7. I really like the pictures you posted and I got a smile on my face whenever I saw the metabolism boosting foods, because these are some of the only things that I ever really feel like eating. You said that you just started school? We started school in August. How long does your school year last? Stay strong and keep posting when you can
    <3 sunshinechild69

  8. Those pictures are so helpful! thanks for posting them, definitely going to be using them in the future.

    I know how you feel when you say school is giving you so much to do but it's kind of great. It gives you something to fill up your time and something to distract and motivate you to feel like you achieved something. :)


  9. I'm glad you're doing all the subjects you want to do :] And thank you for mentioning me! :]
    Those pictures are interesting, I love how they did one of onions! ;]
    Take care xxx

  10. Sweetie, we will always be here for ya! :)

    I'm glad you're having such a great time with classes! that's just great. =) It'll help keep your mind off of food too, I'm sure!

    LOVED the pictures, my favorite one was the one with all of the veggies - I'm a veggie whore. lol

    Stay happy, always here,
    glitch. :)

  11. aw, yea i know how you feel with all the schoolwork and stuff. keep ur head up girl. and woah, 200 cals is alot for lollipops. lol

  12. I'm not at a loss of periods stage yet, don't think I'll get there, but I really want kids when I'm older so it'd freak me out. But it would be kinda funny because it would scare the crap out of my boyfriend, he'd definately think I was pregnant. He was kissing my stomach today and I was really scared his mum would walk in and come to that comclusion.. ok sorry bit sidetracked here, just chuckling to myself..

    School is so much better when you are having fun, I know that the start of the year is great, like for me new books and pens make me excited for learning. I have to keep getting new stationary to keep me excited throughout the year. But that is awesome good luck and I hope you excell.

    I also hope my spelling is ok, I've never been that great at english, not bad, just not the extension type. I like maths.

    *sidetracked again


  13. hey if you want to still my email is purple-chick_undercover@hotmail.com

    Hope school gets less hectic :) I know how it feels :S LOL and now I am off to UNI! AHhhhh
    WOW love the 200cal thing :)


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