Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lies Lies Lies

It is far too hot and sticky today and I am far too sweaty sitting here in the little study, tap tap tapping away at the keyboard in a room surrounded by books to give you guys a proper post, so this shall be fairly short.

I made a mistake. I let my mum read my copy of Unbearable Lightness and now she's become suspicious. She wants me to talk to the school counsellor about my best friends all moving to the country but I refuse. I'm not talking to the counsellor about my 'problems' ever again. Mum says that if I don't talk about my 'problems' or 'issues' then they can come out in other ways.

She also gave me the 'you need to put on weight' talk. She also said that people have noticed my weight loss.

She asked if I knew how much I weigh,

to which I replied no, I don't weight myself.

She asked if my periods were regular,

to which I said yes, I had it a week ago. I haven't had my period in roughly three months.

She also said that anorexia can sneak up on you,

I just smiled to myself and thought 'I know that and too bad, I'm too far in this now.'

ps. Welcome new followers! I can't believe I've cracked the 50 mark!
also, thank you all for your beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL comments.
I love you all, my secret little butterflies.


  1. wow, this is the only post that caught my eye. nice

  2. Wow. You are so incredibly strong.
    I hope the sticky hot weather doesn't bother you too much. It's in the negatives where I am, haha.
    I hope things go well with your mom.

  3. Hot and sticky?
    Damn, it's freezing here!!
    On another note I'm sorry about everything. :[ My mum keeps freaking out at me recently. She noticed that I "don't eat enough" and she's always saying I "need to start eating normally" and things like that. Which is horrible but I guess in a way it means she cares though that's not the best way of showing it for sure. Maybe it's the same or similar with your mum?
    I hope you're okay xx

  4. I love this post. I'm sorry about what's happening with your mom and such. Just don't let her get to you. Stay strong <3

  5. I'd be scared if my period was that late but that is what happens with not eating much. Are you a little worried?

    And your mum is catchng on, its hard to think of ideas to not let people notice because the thing that would make them not is exactly what you are trying not to do which is eat.

    My sister keeps saying stuff like eat some food and gets a bit angry which is weird. I've only lost like 3kg and apparently it is noticeable but probably just because its only been like 3 weeks.

    I'm working at my boyfriends parents work, which is a school. I just help out like work at the staionary shop or uniform shop, whatever needs doing really.

    I was wondering.. because you measure your breakfast (the cereal), do you eat in front of your family because maybe eating with them might help.. but the problem with that is that they might see how little.. not sure really

  6. Hot and sticky?? ;D I am in New Zealand where the eff are you, beauty?! xx
    Its the best feeling, knowing that people notice, isn't it? Like you are wearing a crown and possess something that they are too scared to strive for.
    Im sorry about the whole situation with your mother... Mine just backs off completely now.
    I will adopt you ;)

    thank you for my comments... you always cheer me up!
    I am so grateful to have you following me and i love you (:



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