Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Want and a Need

I hate doing this to my mother,
I really do.
It's selfish,
But I have to.


  1. <3 I hope you feel okay, I hope you don't beat yourself up too much. You've got a lovely, kind soul; you do. Don't forget it, don't doubt it.

  2. stay strong hun. im here if you wanna talk <3

  3. Oh dear, I feel the same way SO often.
    Just remember, some day, you'll have a child. And they'l be doing similar things to do as well.

    It's a part of being a mother.
    Don't beat yourself up. Please, don't. <3

  4. Thanks darling! I really am so excited that I lucked into this job. Also, can I just say, I weighed in this morning and from yesterday (118), I have lost two more lbs (116). Holy moly. :D

    And I feel the same way about my friends and family, but mostly my roommates. They're a few of my closest friends and I can't even imagine what they would do if they found out.

    Stay golden and lovely,


  5. Beeee its not selfish.
    You've helped me stay on track and you've been an inspiration to me.
    I love you.
    Sometimes you have to do things for you.
    and how badly does it affect your mother.
    email me about it xxxxx

  6. Stay strong... <3
    Sometimes you have to be selfish.. If you're not, then all you do is give and give until there is nothing left.

    Just dance, my dear. <3 smile. and breathe...

    - Glitch

  7. I feel the same way all the time.
    My mum has no idea I control what I eat. I just feel terrible when I bring up my dinner to my room and stash it in a plastic bag, knowing she's gone to the trouble of making it and everything.

    Just give back in other ways. Don't be too hard on yourself! <3

  8. I have unfortunately been forced to change my blog URL. It is now

  9. I wish I could do more selfish things to my mother.

  10. AWWWW love!!!!
    Don't be tooooooo hard on yourself x

  11. *siiiiiigh*

    Anafly, my love, there are no words that I can magically pull out of an imaginary hat that would console you right now, tell you that everything is ok, that's it's fine, because... we know it's not ok.

    Sometimes I think that those 4700 miles my mom and myself are apart are the curse and the blessing at the same time. I know it's wrong, and yet I realize that sometimes it's better if they don't know. There's a saying in my language that goes something like "what eyes don't see doesn't hurt the heart".

    Love to you always, my little baby.


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