Tuesday, October 5, 2010

On the road to skinny

There was always a part of me that liked my body and hated the other part of me that hated my body. Now that part has gone. All of me hates my body. I'm sick of it. Sick of it. Fat, just go away, make it easier for me. Or maybe food, maybe you could go away. Temptation go away. How about all of it go away: the fat, the temptation and the food. Yeah sounds like a plan.

Today I've already consumed a lot:
breakfast: piece of bread with nutella, 2 pieces of toast with avocado and tomato.

I blame it on holidays. Anyway that is all I plan on eating today until dinner and then I'll only consume a little bit. I will ignore all temptations. Then I will be back on track, I will be back on the horse riding under the sun on the road to skinny skinny skinny. But that's not all I want. As I travel this path to skinny skinny skinny I also want to gain attention, love and happiness. Even though I don't want people to notice what I'm doing to my body I also hope that eventually people will; but the fact that people may notice also scares me because I don't know what they'll do once they notice. It's all so confusing but now I don't care. I'm determined. My goal is set. That feeling in my stomach now, the feeling of being full, learn to hate it and steer clear from it.
A full stomach = a fat stomach, fat thighs, a fat butt.
Remember that now, that is vital information.
Hopefully the next couple of days are easier, much easier.


  1. I will start blogging more now, I'm sorry it's been a while. It means a lot that you want me to :) xx


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