Saturday, October 2, 2010

You know what?

I'm actually sick of it. I'm sick of being told 'put on more weight, it's healthier' or 'you don't need to lose weight you're already so skinny' when there are bloody models skinnier than me, women in movies that I watch skinnier than me and even women in the street skinnier than me. So, can the whole world please decide on already what is the weight they want women to be? I know that's sexist, I know but you see my brain is thinking about this all in two ways. I love the days when Marilyn Monroe's body was thought as unbelievably hot and every women wanted to be a size 12, I adore the days when women with some fat in their bones were wanted for paintings. But then I don't mind if other people are like that, I kind of enjoy it, I just don't want that to be me. I want to be the skinny girl. So can society make up their mind? It seems that you have to be either super skinny or, well, to put it kindly, large when it's in 'fashion', never both at the same time. Can't we just simply have both? Can we have both and then neither of them get srutinized?

Love Anafly



  1. or can we just be really thin the end ? xx

  2. yes, can we just be thin, no questions asked xx


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