Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear my body;

I hate you. I really do.
Thighs, please lose all unecessary baggage.
Butt, please unload all of the junk from your trunk.
Stomach, please oh please discard all of that fat that is so obviously there.
Body, please become as perfect as the bodies of the women that walk down the Victoria's Secret runways,
Or become as perfect as those bodies I see on thinspiration sites.
Body, please became one that would be seen on a thinspiration site.
That is all I have to say to you.
Become perfect.
Yours sincerely,


  1. Its so hard not to hate yourself when you can see how far from perfect you are...i know..But I recently read a book about visualization, meditation and such. Its good to do this before you go to sleep: close your eyes and imagine your perfect body in all its glory. You can for example imagine your current body morphing to a desired size. Now FEEL as if you have it. Feel the joy of having it. Imagine yourself going into a store an buying skinny jeans the size you always wanted. Imagine your new perfect wardrobe. Imagine it all :) That way you will direct your mind and subconscious in a good direction. Tell yourself not "i want to have it" but "I will have it!!"

  2. thank you very much, I'll try find time to read it. also, thank you for taking time and commenting on this blog. Feel free to come anytime you'd like


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