Monday, November 1, 2010

She's back

I'm sorry fellow skinny wishers that I seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth the last couple of weeks but they have been fairly busy. There is a lot that needs to be caught up on!

I will start with some good news (yaaay good news!) I hope that you guys will be proud to hear that if I weigh myself in the morning before breakfast I weigh 49 kilos! I'm so happy! It's taken forever but I'm getting closer to my goal of 48 kilos :)

Also some more good news. I have managed for a little while now to eat under 500 calories. I'm not sure whether to go down to 400 or stay where I am because I think that 400 will a little tricky... but I love setting goals for myself.

This time of year for me is birthday time of year. It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago, followed by my mums, two of my cousins, my family friend and two of my friends birthdays so there has been lots and lotssss of temptation. I've been doing pretty well but a lot of the time if I've been at a party or going out for dinner I've eaten waaaaay more than I should have but I've managed to regain control the next day... most of the time. I've also managed to try to steer clear from chocolate; apart from last night as it was halloween and I was fairly drunk. Being drunk isn't alwways a good thing. My best friend started talking to me about my weight and how she thought I had lost quite a bit within the last 6 months. Before I knew it I started blabbering to her about how I wanted to lose weight and blah blah blah... but I didnt tell her about my calorie control, I didn't tell her everything. I did try explaining it to her but she just didn't understand. I can try and fix this problem by acting like I'm fine and never talking about it again with her... I'll try and completely ignore the topic.

Recently I've compiled a thinspiration playlist on my ipod. It's only short but it works really well. It motivates me to excercise and when I'm about to eat junk food or snack when I shouldnt I just think about the playlist or listen to it and it stops me in my tracks. I was wondering if anyone else had a thinspiration playlist? I'll post mine next time, once I find my ipod.

Sorry for the semi-rushed job. There was a lot to say (I think I've forgotten a lot of it) and I wanted to get it done quickly so I could study.
Love you all,

ps. I'll leave you with some pictures of the beautiful Nina Dobrev, my thinspiration


  1. thank you for being such a sweet-heart, it means a lot to me. Happy birthday babe, so envious of you and your control.
    you're sooo close to your goal, keep going xxxxxxx

  2. thank you for being an even bigger sweet-heart and thanks for the happy birthday :)
    every time I read a comment from you or one of your posts it makes me sooo happy and inspired. Thanks so much for your support darling xxxxxxxxx


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