Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I Creep Out From the Darkness

First off: I am sorry.
I'm sorry I was gone so long but you see, I've been knee deep in school work and have been trying to make my way through it all.
This is also the first time that I've had proper access to the computer without having to do an assignment or without pesky family around.
I have missed you all so so so much and have felt terrible about the fact that I haven't been able to comment on your blogs.
I have a few things to fill you in on but I have to be quick, I'm sorry, but I have extension English homework due that I've barely started.
  1. I have reached 46 kilos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I'm still far too fat fat fat
  3. I got my blood taken the other day for the first time, I had to get weighed and measured
  4. My doctor told me to put on weight, this resulted in a massive fight with my mum
  5. My parents are trying to control my eating a bit more but it's been a massive failure
  6. I binged WAY TOO MUCH the other day but am back in routine
  7. My 'best friend' and I are on rocky grounds at the moment

aaaand... hmm.... anything else? oh yeah, I just want to be skinny.

I almost cracked the other day and gave it all up, but don't worry, I stuck with it. I can't give this up.

AJ, R, Louise, determined girl, Acka11, Iris, Mia, Pariis, Bella, a not so little mermaid, NightFlower, Lorna and Kissa you guys are all so so so so so amazing! It seriously blows my mind. Thank you for all your beautiful comments. I'm not the gorgeous one, you all are. My love goes out to you all because you all mean so much to me. Reading all your comments made me so happy and made me feel so loved. You're all amazing. There aren't enough words in the english language to express my love to you all. You're all stunning, intelligent, kind, caring, funny; GAAAAH you're all just so fabulous. Marry me?

I'm glad you enjoyed the story haha. I guess I just have the gift of the gab and managed to worm my way out of suspicion. Also, that's not my natural hair colour, as some of you asked.

I'm going to try so so hard to catch up on all of your blogs and comment.

Sending lots of kisses your way,




  1. I have a boyfriend. I'm sorry. I mean we just can't go public yet.

    Anyway.. Boy you are light, how are your parents going to control your eating??? I think that is really hard to do because ultimately its up to you so hopefully it wont be too much of an issue.

    I think be careful because if get too light and your parents get really controlling they might get you hospitalised which would be no fun..

    Sorry, I've changed my blog name (again) its explained in my post..

    (mermaid girl again btw)

  2. oh doctors, you seem to be managing so fine anyway though, and as for schoolwork don't worry about it, it happens to all of us!

    you are lovely, by the way

  3. GAH I have a boyfriend but yes I will marry you.

  4. congrats!!
    you are doing such amazing work!

  5. You & your blog r gorgeous o:
    xoxo from germany

  6. GIIIIIRRRRRRLLLLLL I've missed you so much!!! Glad you're back to blogger now :-D

    Yay for 46 kg! You, darling, are my hero (oh, yes, I would say heroine, but since I'm not a native speaker, to me it just sounds too... WEIRD) ;-) Pfff, and the comments? Anytime, dear, anytime, you know how much I love leaving essays below your posts.

    Sorry about the fight with your mom though. No idea how your parents are planning to go about making you eat more, but, please, make 44 kg your ultimate goal, promise? Health is, after all, the most important thing.

    Love, love, love!!

  7. AHhhhhhh. I freaking missed you. -hug attacks-

    AH that is great about the weight.. if I knew what kg is... lol -dumb ass american here- :) ;)

    take it easy, my dear.... <3 happy you are back, and you better stay that way.. or else. -evil laugh- lol

    Glitch. :)


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