Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am just so frustrated.
If you met me you'd know I'm not the type of person who gets frustrated easily.
My parents are getting so much worse about my eating.
They constantly pick at me, the food I eat and how much I eat every day.
It's quite hurtful.
They won't leave me alone.
I just want peace and quiet.
Our arguments are becoming more constant.
I don't want to eat more.
Can't they just leave me alone instead of picking at me?
What the hell do they expect me to say?
Why do they have to ask me questions that we all know only have one answer? They're answer. The 'right' answer.
I've been threatened with "No more Zumba until you put on weight."
"No more ab-circle pro."
They seriously expect me to put on weight in a day.
They treat me like I'm an idiot: "Anorexia isn't glamorous you know."
No? Really? I think I'd know
"You could end up in hospital."
Everything's quite shitty at the moment.
I'm sorry for the negative post, I'll try to be more positive next time.


  1. Aww I'm sorry :( My parents are very similar and sometimes they drive me CRAZY too :(

  2. don't be sorry for being negative.
    I know this is probably not what you want to hear and a little cliche but maybe think of it from your parents perspective. When they hear the doctor say you need to put on weight and that they need to help you do it they are probably scared, scared that they aren't parenting right or something.. or scared that you'll get sick maybe. I guess annoying as it is for you this must be their way of "helping" you.
    but ultimately it is your choice and if they really want you to gain weight it has to be your decision.

  3. Check my latest post. <3
    I'm sorry they are being so frustrating.
    They just don't understand.

  4. darling, email me back.
    i miss you.
    i hope you feel better soon.
    if i were with you i'd give you a big cuddle.
    keep calm and stop eating

  5. Ah parents and their need to bitch about something. Don't worry keep your head up. I wish I could give you advice on how to act to them but usually I just ignore the harassing questions. Stay strong

  6. stay strong and itll all work out... feel better soon!


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