Monday, March 14, 2011

Quick Quick Quick

I don't have much time to do this I'm sorry.
Last week my blood test results came in.
I don't have enough white blood cells, they're low because my doctor says I'm not eating enough.
Well duh.
My parents have tried to make me eat lots and lots and lots which has been annoying me to no end. There have been a couple of days where they've tried to make me eat two breakfasts (as opposed to my 15 calorie breakfast they don't know about) and sometimes two dinners or a massive afternoon tea and then dinner.
I've managed to avoid it most nights.
Tonight I had a 88 calorie special K bar and a small goats cheese, egg and rocket wrap which all was fine (I had burnt 100 calories before the meal) but then my dad tried to force me to eat another one. I had around 1/3 of it then chucked it out the window.
I just want to be 44 kilos.

I love, love LOVE you all,


  1. So annoying when things like that get in the way, even though they're only trying to help so it's hard to be annoyed at them. Hope you're all right <3

  2. Oh lovely girl, I'm sending you love. x

  3. Stay strong though this all, dear. For your own health, maybe eat more food, but really low calorie stuff. Like egg whites and berries. And i'd recommend drinking emergen-c. It tastes good and it's great for your immunity.

    Thanks for caring and being concerned for me.

    Much love, stay strong. <3

  4. aww that sucks, be careful they dont find ur blog, or ull be in nig trouble then! haha stay strong, and trust ur instincts. much love!

  5. aw!

    but be well, dove! <3

  6. Awe you stay strong girl! :) <3 Here if you need me!

    and about your comment on my last post, I'm 21. :)


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