Saturday, March 5, 2011

And her voice got carried away by the wind

I feel so lonely.
Where do I belong?
I'm sorry...


  1. I love cassie/relate to cassie/ wish cassie was real. haha.

    I'm so sorry you're lonely. Chin up, sweets. :)
    We're all here for you.

  2. i love cassie
    her episodes are so my favorites
    they are so damn relatable

    and you belong right here with us

  3. So much love for you, please be ok <3

  4. Im right there with you, your never alone hun. Stay strong, for me, for you...for us.

  5. why cant you seeeeeeeeee you belong with meeee :) sorry. i hope you're alright and i love you so so much. dont feel alone you have all of us here that adore you <3 not to brag buuuuuut i love you the most :D :D lol
    I have been meaning to ask.. do you have a facebook because i love talking to you and yeah if you ever need someone to talk to id love to be there for you.

  6. We're not alone if we're together in our loneliness.
    You belong right where you are, one day, you'll realise that.

  7. I feel the same.
    We'll find where we belong.
    Maybe not now, or soon.
    But eventually.


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