Thursday, March 17, 2011

I Am So Grateful.

Kissa and Bella. Thank you. Thank you so so much. This means a lot.
This is the first reward I've recieved and I am so over the moon.
To think that so many of you (82 to be precise) are following me, listening, commenting and even giving me awards is so mind blowing.
To think that I got this award from both of you too! Wow!
You are both so amazing, gorgeous, kind, caring, friendly, lovely, beautiful and mind blowing.
You should all check them both out.

So, there are conditions upon which you recieve his award.
1. You need to thank the person who gave it to you (check)
2. List seven things about yourself
3. Pass on to ten people you think deserve this award
4. Drop by and let them know you appreciate them

So, here we go...
I love to bake, I really really do. For some reason it brings me such happiness.
People say that I'm the kindest person they know, friends think I deserve so much respect because I'm so nice and caring. I disagree. I don't think I am. I don't know why.
I love to travel. It's one of my passions. Even though I've done a lot of travelling in my life already I can't wait until I can travel all over the world.
I'm learning Japanese and I love it. I wish that I could speak fluently.
I love art and I always have. I guess you could say it's my talent.
I want to be a fashion stylist/fashion journalist/theatre actor/artist when I'm older.
I miss my family in England and Brussels oh so much (I don't really have family in Australia) I wish I could see them all the time. The fact that I can't makes me sad.

Now the tricky part, passing it on to ten people...
Ruby LoveBird; the girl who was with me from the start.
You mean ever so much to me. I love you.
BellaAna; you make me laugh. You fill me with joy.
Glitch, you make me feel loved and missed. You have such an amazing spirit.
Hannah; you are so lovely. I always love reading your posts.
Let's do this.; you always manage to leave me long, in-depth and heart warming comments at the right moments.
Campaign for slim; I find that I can relate to you so much. You personality really come through.
Thinner is the Winner; your blog is beautiful, your comments are beautiful, you are beautiful.
deer&wolves, your blog is amazing, much like you. Your words are magic.
Addicted to Thin; I hope that this award makes your day even greater you sweet thing.
annamaria, you have one of those blogs that I just love visiting again and again.

All you girls deserve this award. You have all touched my heart in many ways.
I love you.
There were also so many of you that I didn't give the award to that I wanted to (I only gave it to people that hadn't recieved it before) and it was so hard to limit it down.

Everyone please smile today because the world is beautiful.
Love Anafly


  1. aw darling! i love your list! <3 and you deserve that award... :) i want to learn how to speak Japanese too :)

  2. It's so cool that you're learning Japanese. I'm applying for an intensive Chinese program this summer. I love learning foreign languages. They're all so interesting.

  3. oh my thank you so much!

  4. I just found your blog but I just wanted to say that you sound like just a beautiful person, inside and out. I hope you have lovely people to make you happy all the time and I hope, one day, you'll be happy too.

  5. Awwwwww Girly! =3 Thank you so much for passing on the reward to me!! I LOVE you too!!!! =D *does a little dance* I will follow what you did, and post and pass it on tomorrow :) for my tomorrows blog...

    and that is so awesome you're learning another language. GOOD for you! It's so great to get involved with other cultures; the world is so large, and people really need to start learning about each other... :) The world may be made up of different countries, but we are all from one place.... <3

    You're amazing... :) and your posts make me smile....

    Always reading, and still here,

  6. Thank you so much.
    i got happy baby butterflies when I saw my name on your list there (Boy would this be awkward if there was another Hannah but anyway).
    Thank you.

    about the biscuits, i can't remember which recipes i used but i was just a simple sugar cookie recipe and royal icing. Royal icing i think is one egg white to one cup of icing sugar with a little lemon juice. beat the egg white until stiff, sift in the icing sugar then mix it all together and then add the lemon juice and if you want it a different colour then put food colouring in. Then just ice the biscuits how you want.. its really fun

  7. Anafly, my darling...

    with all my heart-- THANK YOU:
    for being there for me when I needed support and love and understanding and nice words the most;
    for always being yourself and not pretending;
    for loving me the way I am;
    for mentioning me in your posts, for not forgetting about me, for GIVING ME AN AWARD that I don't deserve because I disappoint myself and you all the time (way more than I would like);
    for your true beautiful self.

    Love always,


    P.S. I already posted today, but I will make sure to post the award next time. <3

  8. Love,

    your comments always make me smile... when I opened my blog in the morning, I instantly knew the day couldn't possibly go wrong, because I have such a wonderful person thinking of me!

    Thank you again, darling, and yes, you indeed are VERY loved and appreciated.

    :) Lu.

  9. How I wish I could speak another language fluently!
    Haha I'm attempting to learn a language too, but I bet your Japanese is better than my French :)

    I love your blog, it's beautiful.

    Xx. Lillie

  10. you are so sweet, i miss youuu! yay for your award, i hope you're doing well, beautiful girl!

  11. I just nominated you for the versatile blogger award :) your blog is amazing. You totally deserve it <3


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