Tuesday, March 8, 2011


so so so so beautiful, so fragile, so gorgeous.
I love it.

Anonymous: You are a twig

Anafly: Is that meant to be an insult, a compliment or perhaps just a statement?
either way I'm taking it as a compliment, so thankyooooooooooooooooou :)
btw is this R?

Anonymous: no it's not 'R' just an observation go eat some meat hun cos if you don't your gunna die of anorexia...

Anafly: I'm sorry but I'm vegetarian so no, I won't go 'eat some meat'. Obviously you're not a close friend because this is actually quie harsh. If you really cared about me, which I don't think you do AT ALL, you would at least have the dignity and respect to talk to me in person or on fb and not on anonymous.
And don't call me hun, I'm not your 'hun'.
Seriously, who are you? and what makes you think you have the right to talk to me like that?

R: Look guiseeeeeeeeeeeeee, Anafly eats like a fat person. Seriously, if you saw her wolf down that pizza on Sunday, phwoaaaaaaaar you're wrong (Don't worry, it was still attractive, not gross) Just because she's thin doesn't mean she's anorexic. I love you Anafly.

I have so many mixed reactions about this.
First off I'm so happy that someone has noticed something, even if they are anonymous.
Secondly, I'm glad that my close friend R hasn't noticed anything (mainly thanks to the fact that I try and eat lots around her, but I got offended by the 'eats like a fat person' part) but I'm also annoyed with her.
I mean, if someone I barely know notices something, why can't she?
My mum told me that a couple of my friends' mums' are worried about me and my weight at the moment but how come my friends haven't seemed to notice?
Or heck, even care?

Anyway, I'm actually in a fairly good mood today even though I'm sick, which this post doesn't really show haha.
Love Anafly


  1. hey you! yea you anafly, stop disappearing!!! i miss you and ur blogs so please dont go MIA again, k? thanks!!! :) on that note, yay for looking like a twig! and i wouldnt no how to react to ur friends comment, i think she said that with good intensions trying to take your back i guess. so accept it as a compliment.

    anyways, i think ur friends havent noticed ur weight cuz ur always around them? so they cant recognize the change, but ur moms friends havent seen u in a while so they see uve changed alot?
    idk, thats my thoery, but stay beautiful! and dont disappear again! love youu

  2. You might not see it, but when you're really skinny and people start to mention your weight, it's the jealous friends who will tell people "pfft, she's fine. she eats loads." Trust me.

  3. That person is a royal jerk > < :(

  4. >.< Wow, that person was rude! It's people like that that make me question humanity at times?

    As for you being in a good mood, :D YAY that is so great to hear!

    Isn't that weird? it happens with me too;
    strangers notice - friends/family do not always....

    boggles me.

    <3 Glitch.

  5. oh btw :) I got the image off of google search!

  6. I'd have mixed emotions too. Hmm.
    Stay strong dear, <3

  7. Friends are jealous, simple as that. I reckon every teenage girl secretly harbours a small desire to lose weight, and you're actually succeeding! stay strong, xx claude


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