Saturday, November 12, 2011

Help Please. Help.

Thank you Haze and Rachel for your lovely comments last post; I would tag you but I'm afraid that it's too late at night for me to comprehend how to, even though I do know.
I have a dilemma.
What do you do when you meet the 'perfect guy' but... he's not one person.
He's split into two.
And they're brothers.
Oh and just to make it even that more complicated, you're kind of dating one of them.
Well that's me now and it sucks.
I'm attracted to both of them. They have similarities and differences and I find both attractive in different ways.
Let's call the one I'm dating W. He used to be really really really quiet and I hate quiet but now he's opening up and he's becoming more talkative. He is so random, which is great because he understands my random personality and humour and can match it. Then, while I was in Europe for school (oh yeah guys, forgot to mention that minor little detail) he tried to jump out the window. Twice. So people think that he's fragile mentally... and they don' think I need someone like that right now but then again, if I open up to him he would understand my mind set. He is an idiot at times too. He's taken steroids once before (did I mention he's really muscley, not my usual type but dayum ;-) ) and he sometimes does really really stupid things like smash up mints and then snorts them so I think he's had experience with drugs before. He also gets in trouble at school sometimes... But he really likes me and has apparently fallen for me... and can be really sweet. He's younger than me by a couple of months but he looks like he's 21.
Then his brother who I shall name G is ONE AND A HALF YEARS YOUNGER THAN ME. It's stupid. I never EVER like someone younger... but he too looks like he's 21. He too has a random sense of humour and when we talk at school we just make fun of each other and what not. We have a habit of texting each other at night and when we do we talk about fashion, what we want to do out side of school and stuff. I LOVE fashion and want to have a career in it when I'm older so we relate on the level that we're interested in it (him not in a professional sense). I am a very organised person. I love it and G is organised to. He knows what he wants to do at uni and has two back up plans. He is interested in maths and sciences while i love my art, drama, textiles and english. This is compared to W who doesn't know what he wants to do and doesn't take school seriously.
G is so so young but doesn't show it.
According to my best friend (who's a guy) the flirting between G and I is really obvious but people ignore it because W and I have a thing going on.
Reading this W comes across as such a bad boy. He is but he isn't at the same time.
G isn't a bad boy but he isn't a goody goody which this post may make him come across as.
As you can see I am so confused.
I hate having boy friends. I hate boys.
Then I am in a pickle like this where I like both boys and going out with one.
I hate labels.
And now don't know what to do.
Love Anafly


  1. I can sort of relate to you because there's this guy I like who I think is hot but I always think that his younger brother is hotter really only because he has that in between-Justin-Bieber-and-emo-hair and dresses better than his brother. But other than that I really only like his brother because I actually know him, like talk with him and hang out with him.

    So it's not the exact same situation but if I were you I would stay with the same guy that you're already dating and if something feels wrong that go with his brother. But that would be a bit awkward....

    Sorry for being hardly any help.

  2. Oh goodness, I had this same debacle going with my fiancé and his brother at one point. I ended up with the younger, goody boy because he was more reliable (and I'd already dated him once before) these things never work out the way you want them it seems, I still wish for his brother sometimes.

  3. i wish i could help you, but i've never been in the situation, so i can't really say too much without sounding hypocritical! :/ the only thing i can think of, is that sometimes the other person seems more attractive when you're with someone else, you chose to only see their good bits and not their flaws. i'm not sure if that'll help at all though...sorry! xo.

  4. babe m not too good on ving man advice, i essentilly have two boyfriends and cant decide what on want to keep but neither would work out because im being uber unfaithful. ughh! i hope it fixes itself or someone gives you lfe changing advice ha. i adore you B. xxxx

  5. I'm afraid I don't know what to say. I've been in situations where I was seeing two guys at once (openly, of course), but they weren't close to one another... the fact that they're brothers may make this harder on them! Hope you can figure things out, xx


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