Monday, November 14, 2011

To Do or Not To Do, That is The Question

When I was at my lowest weight, probably when my anorexia was at its most severe, I ate around 360-400 calories a day (at least twice a week I would have a negative calorie intake) and then once I put all of this weight on instead of turning into... well, usefulness it all just turned into fat.
I read somewhere the other day (this was from a girl with anoreixa and who currently weighs 47 kilos) that she advised that you eat 800 calories every day so that you do not binge and that way, if you don't binge, your body isn't in starvation mode and the food doesn't turn into fat on the body.
I don't know which to do though, eat 800 calories a day and hopefully avoid binges OR make my way back down to eating 360 a day...
Any tips, advice or words of wisdom?
I love you all with all my heart.


  1. Do whatever works for you hun, some things work great for some and not for others.
    All the best & let us know what you decide.

    Si xx

  2. It's well known that any amount of restricted eating (and despite what we tell ourselves 800 calories is too little, officially a starvation diet starts when you eat less than 1200 calories a day) will eventually end in a binge. It's a survival instinct and your bodies take over.

    Now as to what to do. It depends. If it were me I'd probably try the 800 for awhile then slowly reduce back. Only to eventually end up binging.

    I find it easier to cycle through days of higher and lower calories and allowing myself to switch the days if needed (for example a special occasion coming up, I don't want that to end up on a 200 calorie day). You ultimately know what you can sustain for a long time (not just a week or two) and you should follow what you believe is right for you.

  3. When my ana was at its worst, I weighed 98 pounds (I'm 5ft 7 in) I followed the three hour diet which prevents binging and prevents body starvation mode, because you eat all day, but total intake is 600 cals or less. And I was drinking a half gallon (8 cups) of a special tea. Here are the links to those:


    3 Hour Diet:

    Good Luck!

  4. Thank you so much about your kind comment about my picture.

    I always try to eat enough to prevent binges but little enough to still lose weight.

    Well I say I try, unfortunetly it doesn't always work that way for me.

    Try and find a balance that works for you.

    Thanks again

  5. I would try going down to 800 a day to avoid binges, but increase the activity level. When you start to eat again, you need to slowly increase to help rebuild your metabolism, or me, the weight just piles on hideously.

    In response to your question, we might have known each other. I'm not sure, though. My blog was ooooollld, like, a couple years ago, and I became a bitch, so yeah xD Not doing that again.
    And thank you for following, and saying you'll be there for me. The same goes for you honey <3 <3 <3

  6. I would switch it up, subtract\add 100 calories every other day to 800. Like 700, 800, 900, 700... Then increase those 100 calories to 200 calories the next week and continue until you feel comfortable. I sort of just go day by day, I'm TERRIFIED of slowing down my metabolism.

    I'm sure whatever you decide will work out perfectly for you. Just listen to your body (not to the point of a binge of course) and you'll be fiiine.


  7. Anafly, thanks so much for that comment. :) It means a helluva lot, and I cannot, for the life of me, put into words right now how much it means. My words and my body, these things are the two sole things I possess completely, mostly, as my very own. And to have someone appreciate it... thank you. :)

    I wish I could stick to 300 max a day. I've given up counting calories. You're stronger than me. :)


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