Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Insert something witty

I have a recipe that I must share with you. I think it's amazing, but I guess it depends on your wee taste buds.
Boil water and mix through a spoonful of white miso paste then basically chuck in some peas, chives, seaweed and soft tofu. Using the products I have it's usually around a 180-200 calorie meal and because of the protein in the tofu and the miso which mainly consists of water it is super super filling.
I'm in love.
Try it, experiment with it.
Thanks to this god send of a meal my daily intake has been around the 300 mark but it doesn't feel like it because it's just so god damn filling.
The only issue (well at least for me anyway) is that my body loves to store water so there's an issue when it comes to weighing. If I want to weigh myself it has to  be in the morning (which is the best time anyway) but even then I don't feel as if the full meal is out of my system...

Anywaaaay, how is everyone? I feel so out of the loop and I apologies immensely for that.

Day four: Do you work out? How many times a week?
Not so much 'work out' but I walk to and from school, so that's a 40 minute walk every day and I'm thinking of taking up jazz dance classes, I'm getting a boxing bag and once my house renovation is over I'm going to get back into using the ab-circle pro... maybe start going back to zumba too haha.

Day five: Is there any specific event you want to lose the weight for?
My life. Seriously though, summer. Which is now... even though the weather hasn't been showing it. Also for the school picnic next week. I have seven days to get bikini ready.

Love Anafly
ps. I need to stop waiting to blog till late at night, I forget everything that I need to feel you in on and I'm much too tired. My posts shall improve from here on.


  1. NO WAY! I do this all the time, but I use shirataki noodles instead of tofu. But I should try some tofu for protein! I add in a bit of cayenne or regular pepper for a yummy kick ;)


  2. This recipe sounds really yummy! I shall definitely be trying it!
    By the way, I just found your blog. Been reading all the posts! I wish I'd found it earlier!
    If you have the time, I'd love it if you could read my blog sometime. By the way, I'm in New Zealand, nice to someone reasonably close to me geographically.

  3. I thought I was following you, silly me lol.
    I meant to though, so I will go do it again now,

    Thank you so much for your beautiful comment. It means so much that you care, it really does.

    I read your whole blog over the weekend and I saw the pictures you posting In February. You are one stunning girl! You are really very beautiful.

    (I hope I haven't already post a similar comment to this, I tell myself, I must remember to leave that comment, but then I forget if I've left it or not, which sometimes ends up with me writing it twice, which makes me look like a bit of a dick.)

    Sorry, hope some of that made sense lol

  4. Thank you for commenting.
    I love Christmas, but hate how it's all food loaded. As stupid as that sounds. But I think Christmas would be wonderful without the food.

    Thank you again.
    Hope things are alright with you?


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