Saturday, December 11, 2010

Worst Combinations ever:

Early Christmas party
an all you can eat buffet.
I ate like a god damn cow.

I only ate a slight morsel for breakfast to make up for it today and when I go to a big Greek party tonight I will only eat a little bit. Anyway, Greeks aren't big on vegetarian food so win for me.

oh and the counsellor told me yesterday she'll ring my mum monday.
I'll let you guys know what goes down.
*fingers crossed all goes well*

Everyone's been talking about my weight lately... I'm starting to get riled. Anyway, thank you all so much for your support last post. I love you all so much, you guys are the only people I can tell everything too.
Love Anafly


  1. Oh d-d-d-dear!!!!! Sorry about the buffet thing! And thank you dear for your recent comments! you make me smile and feel eternally thankful I have sweet friends--we are pallys, right??--to talk to!

    My hair is a reddish blond-brown. no idea really how to describe it, but I will post a color pic.

    Triple fingers crossed that nobody makes too big a deal over your weight, and 5 times cross for the therapist call!

    keep you chin up!

  2. agreed those are bad combinations. i havnt been to a buffet in years thank god. i imagine i would eat the whole thing if i were to go. good luck with the counsellor/mum thing. we are always here for you. xo

  3. oooooh buffets are the WORST! who can resist those, anyway? maybe your mom saw you eating tho? thatd be good. try to eat in front of her a lot before monday so you can be like "mom, that counselor is nuts, do you not see me eat? how can I have an eating problem?"
    i don't really like when people talk about weight in a derogatory way. can they not just keep it down and let it be your own thing? jeez. lol but you're strong, you can handle it all. keep pushin on :)

  4. I'm sorry about the buffet but good job on today. I hope all goes well with the ring. It sucks that life has to be so unfair at the moment, it would be great if things got better for you. Im wishing on it, good luck.
    Thanks for the comment
    Pce, Nate

  5. good luck with the head doctor.
    When you say buffet my mouth waters and i want it bad.
    please try to stay out of a clinic. I'm scared i'm going to lose you if they tell.

    p.s. i'm fasting these 2.4 pounds away and then we will s.g.d yeah?
    i adore you boney bitch ha

  6. <3 thank you so much for following me, you're so lovely. I love your blog, I love you. I'm so glad I'm following you now. x

  7. love your blog! i will be following now :-)
    if everyone saw you eat a lot then you have plenty of witnesses to say you eat. good luck though!


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