Wednesday, December 8, 2010

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you dream it, you can become it. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishments.

First off, before i answer your questions I was curious as to if you guys have thinspiration playlists? I do. It's only short but it keeps me on track most of the time. Check them out. Also any thinspiration song suggestions?
My playlist is as follows:
Skinny Love - Bon Iver
Skinny Little Bitch - Hole
Anorexia - Gianmarco Leone
Someone I Once Knew - Dead Celebrity Status
Stand in the Rain - Superchick
Bother - Stone Sour
Damaged - Plumb
Imperfect - Stone Sour
She's Falling Apart - Lisa Loeb (my fave out of them all)
Paper Bag - Fiona Apple (listen to the lyrics, they're soooo thinspiring)

Peanut: Good question. It's tricky eating around my mum. I have to eat enough, or make it seem like I do, so that she doesn't pick up on it and order me to eat more but if I go for a second serve of something or on my bad days if I eat a lot of cookies around her a part of me still feels bad about it, I feel like she'll pick on me about it. Then another side of me feels very mischievous when I eat a lot around her and thinks 'If only she knew'. So I guess I have a combination of feelings. Also, thanks so much for the link! I shall watch it now.

Ruby Lovebird: I accidentally deleted the template you liked and now I can't find it :( but I've settled with this one for the moment. Yeah, the fact that that's how I was brought up my mum is also good thing. I guess one of the reasons my mum did that though was because she was living vicariously. I mean, she was very skinny but then once she had kids she never lost the weight so since she couldn't be skinny I guess she wanted me to? I think we should try sgd sometime :) It should be interesting... we've just got to figure out when.

Erin Rose: Aaaw I'm glad they have that affect on you! You seem like such a wonderous person and I enjoy reading your blogs, seeing what you have to say. Trust me, those comments are gonna keep on comin ;) Thank you for you compliment about my attitude, that means a lot. I'm glad you understand being heavier than all your friends when you were younger. I'm also not glad that you had to deal with that when you were younger if you know what I mean. Now to answer the question haha. I'm in fact 16. A question for everyone, do I come across as that age at all? How old did you guys think I was?

Night_Flower: Thank you so much for all the compliments! They are all very lovely, like you. Hmm... my favourite film... That's hard, I don't just have the one. I'll list a few but I can't think of them all now, I'm having a bit of a mind blank. Quite a few of you might not know them so sorry!
Philadelphia Story and High Society (High Society was the musical remake)
A Stolen Life
My One and Only
Absolutely all Johnny Depp movies. Especially Cry Baby, Sweeney Todd, Secret Window, Chocolat and Ed Wood. I love him.
The Harry Potter series
Any movie with Cary Grant
uuuum... I can't think of any others for the moment. I'm sure i'll think of more later

Nathaniac: Yeah, it did turn out to be a great encouragement to lose weight, so win for me! Haha. These Christmas holidays are going to be really good! (spiel alert) Most of my family, my father's side, lives in England and we haven't seen most of them for four years. So on the 19th of December we're flying to Bangkok for three days to avoid a 24 hour flight. We'll then fly to England and stay there for two weeks. On Christmas and Boxing Day we'll be having a family chirstmas with tons of food and about nine of us. Within those two weeks we're gonna travel to Belgium for the day because that's where my auntie and younger cousin live. At the end of the two weeks we'll fly to Bali and stay there for one week to relax and unwind. Don't get the wrong idea folks, we're not rich, we're just spending money we don't have. But I need all of your help. I have no idea how I'm going to keep my weight under control when I'm in different countries with magnificent food and great culture. The main problem is that I'll be with my parents and my brother practically 24/7 and I'll be with my extended family on Christmas and Boxing Day. I know there will be food I'll be forced to eat. Any suggestions? I also won't be able to weigh myself at all which will be horibble. I don't want to get back and have put on five kilos!

I love all my beautiful, darling, gorgeous, kind, caring and fabulous butterflies. What would I do without you all?
Love Anafly


  1. Skin and Bones - Marianas Trench
    Feeling Small - Marianas Trench
    The Boy Who Blocked His Own shot - Brand New
    Wow thats alot of traveling! I think that would be an amazing vacation and you should maybe try losing as much weight as you can so that when you get there you can give yourself a break to eat whatever you want, but not too much of it, to maintain control of your weight. Good luck! Thanks for being super supportive, your awesome
    Pce, Nate

  2. I have a playlist, but its songs that I find inspiring to keep me on track, and that if you listen to them you wouldn't guess what their meanings were (like run your bum off) to me such as;
    Hide and Seek - Imogen Heap
    You Sexy Thing (I believe in Miracles)- Hot Chocolate
    Firework - Katy Perry
    we'll be alright - Travis McCoy
    Catch You - Sophie Ellis-Bextor
    Flaunt it - TV Rock ft SeanyB (coz I wanna flaunt it later haha)
    Just Dance - Lady Gaga
    Ricochet - Shiny Toy Guns

    and there is more :P
    I love your playlist tho :)

    stay strong beautiful xx

  3. ana? did you delete a comment i left earlier today?
    i am quite concerned as to whether i dreamed up making a comment or it's gone.
    i don't mind if you have deleted it, i'm just not sure if i actually posted it xx

  4. No? I didn't delete a comment? I would never do that! haha.
    I do that sometimes when I think of something then I think I actually did it.

  5. i don't have a playlist but i know the songs and when i need to i look them up on youtube. having them on my ipod would very risky with my sister around. she watches me like a hawk.

    ps - you are lovely

  6. Ahh, no official playlist, but I have songs that inspire me for the momnet. Decode by Paramore is actually kinda thinspo if you listen to the lyrics closely!

    hmmm. I guess you came across as a bit older? maybe 18? I dunno, you sound much smarter and everything than I was :)

    good luck with xmas. I suggest TALKING. socialize till your mouth falls off and you are feverish with exhaustion and have to go rest yourself :)


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