Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I'm back on my horse

Thank you thank you thank you for all your beautiful, kind and inspiring comments on my last post. Your comments made me pull on through my negativity and my 'crisis' and to try and make the next day a better one. Even though I've eaten a bit more than I would have liked I've been doing quite a lot of excercise. I love you guys so so much. Like seriously, words can not describe it. You guys are here for me and understand what I'm going through when other people don't. Again, I'm sorry for the little 'melt down', I wasn't in a very good place...

But I have managed to bite back! Checking the scales when I woke up this morning I was 46.5 kilos (aaaaah-maaaaa-zing!) but I don't believe it and don't want to push my luck so I won't be changing the weight gizmo up above just in case...

Ruby Lovebird, I was following you! I swear! Haha, your latest blog posts always turned up in my blogs news feed... maybe my computer malfunctioned and unfollowed you? Nevertheless, I'm following you now :)

I have my formal tomorrow night. I'm sooooooooooooooooooooo excited except my dress (which I bought mid-year in Winter) doesn't fit me anymore... It's a bit too big. This is a really good thing but also a terribly bad thing. My mum went all crazy and said that if I wanted to buy a new dress I should have done so sooner and not a day before the formal. Which I should have, but she told me the dress looked fine so thats why I didn't. Oh well. I'll just have to deal with it. I hate wearing things that don't fit. Oh also my size 8 (american size 4) jeans which have never really fit me properly are so big now around the hip and the upper thigh that I can't really wear them anymore. I now need to wear size 6 (american size 2) jeans. This is a pretty big step. My top half has been a size 6 for a while and I wear dresses that are size 6 but my bottom half is bigger because of my thighs and my big bootay. Wait! Does anyone have any suggestions? It's a three course meal at the formal (greek salad, vegetarian risotto and a chocolate self-saucing pudding) and I'm going to be eating in front of all my friends and the glasses are see through (so no chewing and spitting in there) how can I not eat it all with out people bringing it up?

Anyway this post was meant to only be me checking in but once I started I didn't stop. Good luck girlies, I'll check in after formal and let you know how it went.
Love you all,


  1. mmkay so lucky you are doing so amazing!!!!

    safety pin the dress from the inside??? i have done that one time. and have literally sewn myself into one because it was too big.

    as for dinner. TALK TALK TALK. LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH. just nibble and drink a lot, and chew for ages on like a small piece of lettuce and you will be good to go girl.

    have a great time!!!

  2. Definitely agree with what Erin said. Be social and don't focus on the food! All the girls at your formal will not be eating much because they want to stay fabulous in their dresses so don't stress. Best of luck and I hope you have a great time!!!

  3. shut up, i bet you looked beautiful in it skinny lady :-)
    i think we should have a plan together maybe?


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