Saturday, January 15, 2011


I have missed you all so so so so so much. I knew I would but I missed you a lot more than I originally thought. There were so many times that I wished to conact you guys but couldn't and there were so many times when I thought "I wish I could post that". I am so so jet-lagged, I've only been home for a couple of hours but I just had to let you know that I am now back. The whole time I was away my weight and my eating was a rollercoaster so there is much to tell and tomorrow I will sit down and write it all out. Prepare yourselves. There will be a lot. I'm so glad to be back, I'm going to now try and catch up on your blogs.
I love you all more than ever,


  1. Oh, love.
    I've missed you more than you can imagine.
    I do hope you're well!
    It's Bella, from weightless- my new blog address is


  2. Hello! =) I am back too, I've been back awhile. I missed your blogging!
    I'm glad you're back, and I'm looking forward to reading that next post :)
    take care xx

  3. i'm moving to Turangi for a month with tom and then moving to wellington. moving out of auckland, i don't know if you know where that is, but it's to crazy, fast paced and i'm sick of it. so scared about leaving everyone and everything i know. i'm going to let my identity secret out i think.. because noone in my new town will know me.
    i've missed you so much, it must have been heart breaking to see the scales. so happy for you that you've lost the kilos tho. you are the sweetest girl ever. oh shit, i've commented on the wrong post, i clicked the wrong one ooops. i love you B.
    love from jessica xxxxxxx


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