Friday, January 21, 2011

The Truth Is

I'm a fucking FAT and ugly excuse for an anorexic.
Stop wasting your time with me.
I completely understand if you decide to stop following me.
I love you all,


  1. Your not fat and ugly just having a bad i would say!! We all have them =) I wont stop following you and nor will anyone else we luv your blog =)

    ♥ Bree

  2. Of course not.
    This is what we're here for.
    You are so, so very important to each of us; I do hope we can help in some way.
    I want you to trust us, let our friendship grow over the oceans, the time, the distance; everything that is created between us.
    We love you.

  3. That is not true! And tough, I'm not going to stop following, you're stuck with me ;] Take care xx

  4. Hey, watch your words, young lady, that's my beautiful and lovely Anafly you're talking about here! :)

    Seriously, love, don't you even dare think something like that about yourself... all of us have tough days on our way, but, don't you think if it was easy, everyone would be skinny and pretty in no time? And we want to be different, isn't that right? It's all the struggles that make us feel so accomplished after losing even a single pound... it's all the struggles that stand in the way between us and perfection. And don't get me started about how amazing you've been doing and how big of an inspiration you are to me and all of your followers.

    We love you so much no matter had bad of a day you've had, no matter how much you think you've eaten, no matter if you want us to stay or abandon you... that will NEVER happen; you won't make me go away: you'll have to deal with me, hun, no matter if you want me here or not :).

    Sending all my love!

  5. would never unfollow you! you just so happened to be one of the sweetes girls on here. and just because you're having a sucky time doesnt mean you cant do it. let today be a new beginning for you. STay strong my love.

  6. I'm kind of worried that you haven't posted in so long.

    I hope you are alright.

  7. You're underweight and very likely gorgeous. I love you.


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