Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's a Beautiful Day

Today has been a good day. I went out shopping and handing out resumes with K and for some reason when I'm with K I tend to eat a lot (I still ate under the recommended amount)... I think it's because I really enjoy her friendship and company and I don't feel the need to restrict.

1/3 cup of Guardian cereal with some skim milk and 1/4 of a nectarine = 53 calories

Small vegetarian sushi lunch pack = 221 calories (over estimating here)
Shared a rocky road bar with K = 180 calories
A small thing of melted chocolate called a 'Chocolate Lick' = 309 calories (over estimating a lot here I think)

Wholemeal pasta salad
Black lentil and beetroot salad
3/4 of a Flathead filet
= 529

All up it equals 1310 calories BUUUUUUUT we literally were out for seven hours so minus the bus trips, the trying on clothes and the sitting down to eat we did five hours of walking which burned 783 calories which leaves my total days intake to 527 calories! Yes, it's still more than I would have liked but I over estimated a lot of it. I'm so happy with that. I am quite thrilled at the moment even though I have a belly filled with food.

Tomorrow I'm going to a relative's third birthday party where there's going to be a loooot of temptation. I think I'll allow myself some goodies as long as I walk around/play around a lot. After all, the next day I'm back at school and will be back in routine.

I hope your days have been filled with sunshine, laughter and love!
I love you all,

ps. as you can see, I had quite the sweet tooth today hehehe

pps. I would upload some thinspirational pictures for you darlings but my uploader seems to be on the blink


  1. im glad you had a good aday. we all need some time to just let loose and live a littleenjoy yourself and when school restarts throw yourself back into your routine and work harder than ever.

    stay healthy and happy :)

  2. sorry, on a time limit with this computer. check your email pronto. i miss you so much

  3. Yay.. it seemed like you had a really good day.
    And the food you ate i think it was eaten in the right environment, one where you felt happy and not so pressured it seems.

  4. I'm glad it was a good day :]K sounds like a good friend.
    I hope the friend's birthday party goes well!
    Take care xx


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