Monday, November 22, 2010

I write to you with a belly full of tea...

First things first, I am so so so so sooooooo happy to see that my number of followers has finally hit double digits! Haha party time! May sound lame but this is a big deal for me. When I started this blog I expected like a grand total of two. This has made me one happy little vegemite.
Anyway, to fill you guys in on the goings on of my life... *cue dramatic music*
I went to the midnight screening of Harry Potter on Wednesday *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeal*. It was amazing, I don't want to give anything away though. It's going to be so sad when it's all over, I grew up with it.
Alas, the Harry Potter screening didn't bring only good. My friends and I went to Woolworths before hand and managed to buy a pack of 12 snack size Caramello Koalas and a biiiiig bag of lollies. As I watched the movie I managed to consume six, SIX caramello koalas and a handful of lollies. Trust me, I'll try to never do that again. Of course this gave me the body blues.
Before I went to Zumba on Thursday my dinner conisted of a vegetaraian summer roll (65 calories) and an avocado roll (roughly 135 calories or something). When I got back from Zumba my mumma asked if I was hungry to which I replied no. Then my brother decided to open his big mouth (don't get me wrong, I love him to bits) and say "You don't eat enough." I maanged to act offended and my mum didn't think much of it. But as if he would notice? I mean, how would he notice? Anyway, he eats quite a lot compared to me. He is a growing boy after all.
Then on Friday I went to my friend's birthday party. I accidentally got smashed (I somehow kept ending up with drinks in my hands) and I casn barely remember what I did for 10 minutes of the night. Apparently I talked to a few people about weight, but I don't remember what I said. I remember talking to my friend I about my perception of myself and my weight briefly, I don't remember what I said yet again but enough for her to get a bit concerned. I also apparently said to another friend "I've put five kilos on my arms"... Lucky mostly everyone I spoke to were quite drunk themselves. I'll try and do some damage control. Moral of this story? Don't get so smashed and keep your mouth shut.

Anywho, I will part you with some wisdom that I have accumulated over the past couple of days. Sorry if you know any of this but I thought it would be useful.
  • From a test out of protein, fat and carbohydrates it has been proven that protein makes you fuller for longer which means you are also less likely to snack. Eating protein for breakfast it a great way to last till your next meal.

  • If you serve yourself a smaller serving you are bound to eat less.

  • Drinking water before a meal doesn't neccesarily make you eat less but if you combine water with food, aka soup, you will be fuller for longer and more satisfied.

  • If include low fat calcium everyday in your diet you will excretes a lot more fat, the fat your body doesn't need.

I hope this has all helped! Sorry I didn't go into much detail.

Love you all,




  1. hey gorgeous! To answer your question- it would depend on how much of everything you use, the portions I suggest are fairly big because it's so low cal and the rest of the world eats more than us. Basically for the serve suggested it would be less than 200 (broccolli- 25, stock powder- 10, almonds- 100, 1/2 rice noodle cake- 50= 185) but you could easily get away with less almonds and more vegetables to reduce your cals and fill up your tum!
    Stay away from the booze!! it makes me talk too- always regret it, it's a waste of calories too. ah well, you've learnt your lesson now! congrats on double digits! xxxx

  2. great tips and pics girl! love the blog


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