Saturday, November 6, 2010

There is Always Tomorrow...

Eyes Lit Up you were ever so right in saying: 'there is always tomorrow'. Today proved to be a much better day; even though it still wasn't a great one I'm hoping Sunday will be even better. I slept in till 1.30pm (which isn't usual for me) which meant I didn't need to eat so much.
For breakfast I had 1 cup of broccoli in oyster sauce which is 107 calories.
For the rest of the day I cut off little slithers of banana bread every couple of hours from the banana bread loaf we had which didn't add up to many calories either. Because I was eating something quite filling and quite low in calories every couple of hours I didn't need dinner. This makes todays consumption roughly 467 calories which I'm quite proud of.
All in all I am very happy with how I spent today. I was meant to be studying for exams that are coming up in 2 days (I'll regret not doing so later) but instead had a relaxing day watching A Stolen Life, a Bette Davis movie, with my mother while also being inspired to paint canvases of 1950s pin up girls. The movie has nothing to do with 1950s pin up girls so I'm not sure where that came from. I drew a really good sketch of a picture I found on the net and then painted a small canvas of it. I'm sorry for the stuck up-ness but I do have a little bit of artistic talent and do go to an art school. It was a nice, quiet day which I think I needed. I turned my phone on silent and didn't answer anybody. I feel a bit bad about that especially since my boy friend tried calling me 6 times but I really needed a day to myself.
Thank you all again. Love,

Glenn Ford and Bette Davis in A Stolen Life
The 1950s pin up girl I painted


  1. 467 is great! And tomorrow, it can get lower and lower. You'll be super thin in no time! (: I have exams in two days too *gasp* but I'm here instead of studying (: You are an amazing artist! That picture is so good! I'm jealous of your artistic skills.
    Love xx.

  2. Thank you for you're encouragement :) hopefully you're right *fingers crossed*
    Exams really are horrible :( especially when you need barin food :(
    Thanks, that's a massive compliment!
    Love Anafly

  3. yep i know the temptation of putting off studying for feels so good! i tend to live on my computer and stare at pictures of muffins instead...what of it :)
    ps you're kind of an amazing artist.
    xx Claude


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