Sunday, November 14, 2010

Blabber mouth

Uh I have so much to say but if only I could remember it all. The past week I've been going "Ooooh, I really need to put that on my blog!" but then I never have time to do it. So, please read patiently as I try to remember everything.

First off: Boobs. Yes, boobs. I am sooooo sick of my tiny little ones (they don't really fill a B cup). Does this whole eating situation stop them from growing? Or am I just a late bloomer? Is there anyway to make them grow bigger? Answers to those questions would be greatly appreciated :)

I bought a vegetarian cook book yesterday! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :D it has really really good recipes and says what vegetarians should be including in their diet. I've been lustfully flicking through the pages and when I reach the desserts find myself thinking "Oh yuuuuuum, but that's something I can't be eating little miss 400 calories." You see I have now limited my daily intake to 400 calories and I don't want that all to be gone in one little dessert. I've found the 400 calories mark so so. It started off really tricky but because I've been working myself down to this point it's manageable; I'll stay at this point though.

Today I visited a family friends in Hospital (we practically count her and her family as our family). It's an unusual situation why she's in hospital but I won't go into detail. Anyway, this involved eating some 'get well soon' cake to please her 5 year old daughter who made it. It was really nice but next time I'll say no politely as I was a bit anxious about how much that day I'd already consumed.

Tonight I cooked some mini potato pancakes from the recipe book for dinner. They sound fattening but are actually quite healthy and also very filling so you can only fit in like three of them. Tomorrow noght though my mum has asked me to cook a Blue Cheese Taglatelle. Don't get me wrong, it sounds like a delicious pasta but has a fair bit of cream and cheese :/ Let's hope I don't eat too much then.

Oh! Last night I went with my parents and my brother around the corner to our family friends house who we met when I was in kindergarten and was best friends with their daughter. They often have us around and L's mum K makes delicious food. Knoing that there would be dessert and lots of food I limited my days intake and then ate lots of salad, some tofu and caramelised pear for dessert. Don't worry, I only went 6 calories over my 400 limit. Then disaster struck later when I got home *dramatic music* As my days intake had been very little (roughly 100 calories) my body found it hard to digest the nights meal, which resulted in a terribly sore stomach. This ends up as a positive though; a life lesson if you will. It taught me not to consume so much in a sitting after such a day. So now I know never to eat so much again.

Also, some terrific news, I am now 48 kilos!!! I am actually quite chuffed with myself. Let's hope this weekend hasn't ruined that even though on both days I have managed to stay roughly under 400 calories.

Phew, quite a lot to say with not that much time to say it. Thanks for reading it lovelies, I try and comment on your blogs as often as I can.

ps. My mum saw a psychic today, I didn't have enough time to talk about it tonight but I'll delve into it a little bit in my next post.


  1. i'm sorry i can't help you with your boob dillemma, i've been unfortunate enough to have the boobs of a porn-star. they make me look like a trashy hooker in low cut tops and restrict the bras i can wear. I'm so jealous. swapseees?

    i'm so glad your scales gave you a number to be chuffed about.

    keep going beautiful


  2. The pill makes mine bigger, and gaining weight and that time of the month, and eating too much salt. Doing too much ballet/gymnastics when I was younger stopped mine from developing but as soon as I stopped- BOOM! evil huge boobs. I'd kill to have smaller boobs, be happy with what you have, least you have no back pain? and can find nice bras in your size!
    Congrats on your loss! You're doing so great! xxx
    p.s. I'm so glad you liked the lunch ideas post I did for you :) xxx

  3. Thank you so much both of you for your support.
    Ruby Lovebird I would gladly swap! haha.
    Ok, thanks Almost.Skinny for the tips and pointers. Trust me both of you, you don't want these tiny things but thanks anyway.
    Your encouragement means a lot, I love you both.

  4. I also have tiny boobs, and I don't like them. However, it is nice to not worry about being a stomach sleeper-- when I was preggo I had bigger boobs (c cup) and it was hard to sleep on my stomach at the beginning because they hurt so much! Now they're back to an A or barely B, so I'm back to sleeping on my tummy!


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