Tuesday, November 2, 2010

*sigh* this is a tricky thing

Looking back and reading my last post I'm proud of how positive and happy I sound but todays post will have a different feel. I'ts not that I'm not in a good mind set, it's just my eating hasn't been a great one for me today.
Breakfast was fine, a small bowl of special K with 2 strawberries chopped up with an itsy bitsy bit of milk.
School was when I went wrong. Normally my control is good at school and I've been ever so impressed with my control lately but we were having a special assembly at school (I won't bore you with details); it was a celebration. I had only brought a piece of toast for lunch but there was a great tenptation at play, my biggest weaknesses... cupcakes and cake and for free. I ditched the toast and had a slither of cake and 4 or 5 cupcakes. It was stupid, foolish and just, well, stupid. I was gutted, but the fact I was going to the gym in the evening for Zumba for an hour then a work out for 40 mins made me enjoy those horrible delights of sheer yumminess.
I had dinner before Zumba which consisted of an avocodo roll so I was pleased with myself.

Then when I got home, there was vegetarian pizza and garlic bread waiting. I know what you're thinking 'Eeeck calories, calories, calories, fat, fat, fat, oil, oil, oil' but I couldnt resist the absolute smallest piece of vegetarian pizza and half a piece of garlic bread before i saw myself in the mirror and stopped.
I have decided that now I'm roughly 49 kilos I'm not that happy. I still have the same fat on my thighs so my new goal is 46 kilos. Is it wrong to want to better myself that tiny bit more? I hope not but either way, I'm still going to try I just have to firstly get to the 48 kilo mark.
Now I shall leave you with apicture from the American site http://www.thisiswhyyourefat.com/ that will hopefully deterr you from bad bad food. Can you believe that people eat these things?

Love you forever and always,

Heart-A-Mac and Cheese
"A layer of mac and cheese on the bottome, then chicken, another layer of mac, then beef, sun dried tomatoes, bacon, another layer of mac, and lastly a layer of mac and cheese sprinkled with beef and parmesan cheese spirinkled on top."


  1. thank you so much for your lovely comments.
    that grease lightning one is so so gross
    "A layer of seasoned curly fries topped with chicken nuggets, chicken fried steak, fish sticks, pizza rolls, and a slice of corndog then smothered in melted mozzarella cheese topped with a mixture of chili, bacon, and sliced hot dogs topped with a sprinkling of cheddar"
    you'll be down to 46kilos in no time, just stay strong :-)
    i adore you

  2. no problem for the comments, I ought to thank you for your lovely comments.
    eeeerck that is really really gross D: it's a heart attack waiting to happen.
    thank you so so much, your support means everything, you really are fantastic


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