Monday, November 15, 2010

Stars and Moons

I really need to apologise for my spelling in all my posts :/ I get too eager to post my posts that I don't go over them and check so my apologies. I don't like bad spelling.
Anywaaaaaay as I stated in my other post my mum saw a psychic yesterday. She came into the house saying "Oh B, you're not going to like what she has to say about you." I started freaking out. I didn't know if psychics could pick up on eating disorders or whatever. I know it sounds silly now but I was sitting there trying to keep calm. What it ended up being was that my passed away grandparents thought that I should start helping around the house more (I already help out a lot) so that I can become more independent because apparently I won't be living with my family during uni. Phew. I was actually very relieved haha. The psychic also said that I was like my father and we were both good at English (what about art and design? I do go to an art and design school after all...) and she said that when I'm a bit older I'll be working at a magazine like Woman's Day or something, which is one of my dreams :D
She also said that through my whole life I'll keep men at bay because I'm just not interested and will have only 2 or 3 serious relationships. She said that around the age of 26 she sees me in a white dress but she's not sure if that meant marriage. She also said that I'll be very focused on my job and will need to have more fun. Oh! She also said that I might have 2 or 3 modelling jobs. Fingers crossed this all happens hehe. Isn't that all exciting? Before I was such a cynic but my mum came home with some spot on stuff about us all.
The psychic didn't say anything about my health to my mum though. I don't know what this means. Does this mean I can keep this a secret? Sorry that this post doesn't have much to do with my eating...

There's something I really need help with but I'll do it next post, I simple don't have the energy to do it now.

I love all of you beautifull people with loving souls.

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  1. your life sounds like it'll be going good places.
    stay strong anafly

    p.s. you are the sweeeeetest, your comments and posts make me smile xxxxxxxx


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