Sunday, November 7, 2010

Skinny Love

I'm so sorry to brag gorgeous girls but today has been another good day for my eating, I'm thanking a relaxing weekend at home.
Breakfast: an avocado roll,
= 149 calories
Lunch: 3 raw cauliflower flowerets (isn't floweret an awesome word? I just learnt today that that is what the little cauliflower pieces are called) and a mug of rose and french vanilla tea,
= 10 calories
I haven't had dinner yet but am planning on having 1 cup of cauliflower soup which will equal to 93 calories.
This will bring todays calorie intake to 252. Woohoooo :P
I'm not under 49 kilos yet though... I think I'm going to have to keep on going for a little while for that to happen.
Now girlies, I need your help. I've realised that a lot of my meals have carbohydrates as I loooove bread *licks lips* and I don't mind the odd pasta. Any suggestions on vegetarian meals that don't have a lot of carbohydrates?
Good luck with the week, think skinny
Love you all,


  1. I think you're right- some people will never have a huge gap. Your stats are amazing I'm sure you're a stunner- gap or not!
    As for meal ideas, I don't tend to eat that many carbs so I hope my food blog can help! But in general, veggies!! Go nuts with the non starchy vegetables. Make sure you fill up on them. Also quinoa is a great higher protein alternative to starchy grains if you really want them.. also brown rice is a better option that white or pasta. But you've just got to watch your portions!
    Stay strong- you can do it! xxx

  2. Aaaaw thank you very much :)
    Oh alright, thanks so so much for the advice. I've checked out your food blog a couple of times but should try and make what us on there. I'll go out and buy some brown rice and also some wholemeal pasta for the days I'm desperate for it. Yeah I'll start eating more veggies and voilĂ !
    Thanks again. Love

  3. Get some shiritaki noodles they are ridiculously low calorie like 4 or 5 calories per 100 gram serving.


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