Friday, November 5, 2010

Thank you

It made me ever so happy to log in this evening to see that I had 5 followers. I know to some of you that seems like nothing but to me it means a lot; it shows me that what I'm writing connects with people and that I'm semi-appreciated so, thank you. I'd also especially like to thank Ruby Lovebird for her constant encouragement, you really are a wonderfully, fantastic, beautiful person.
Anyway, today has been a spectacularly crap day for me and food. As it's cold I've eaten too much. It almost felt like I had gone back to my old self, eating whenever I felt like it. I can't even face the scales. I'm too scared that I might see the dreadful 53 kilos that I once weighed not too long ago. Scales are very scary things. So this is why I haven't updated the above weight gizmoabob. I'll wait till tomorrow after I've gone for a long walk. It's odd to think that just the other day I was well controlled and filled with positivity.

Stay strong my lovely lovely followers


  1. You are more than semi-appreciated, you are very appreciated (: And sure, today might not have been fantastic food wise but there's always tomorrow.
    Love xx.

  2. you are sweet-heart. your post made me smile. i adore you. i love reading your posts because they keep me going and reassure me that i'm normal for feeling this way and reassure me that i AM able to do it. stay strong skinny minny. and even tho you've eaten heaps of crap today, don't make it worse by eating more crap today. i should follow my own advice more often haha. i adore you i adore you, you light light lady xxxxxxxx

  3. Oh golly golly gosh, your comments blew me away :) thank you both of you for you're engouragement, it's ever so much appreciated. I'm glad that I am 'very appreciated' :)
    Am I too forward in saying I love you both? haha
    Love Anafly,


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